What is The Game Show of Love?

How the game works

Each week, six contestants get to know each other through a series of (f)unconventional games, questions, and challenges, hoping to "meet their match." At the end of the show, each contestant sends the host the name of who they like the most and if two people choose each other, it's a match! Each episode could have zero matches or up to three matches.

A still from the 4th Episode of The Game Show of Love!

Audience Participation

The live audience can chat, submit questions to ask contestants, and vote on things! Check out the calendar to find out when the next episodes will be airing!

The Game Show of Love Origin Story

The Game Show of Love was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With media production halted around the world, Emma knew she had to pivot to find a way to make a living so she started to think about what she could do with her media skills/expertise within the restraints of a global lockdown. After hearing friends lament during virtual hangouts that they couldn't meet new people, that dating was off the table unless they wanted to be on "the apps," and that they wanted more entertainment and human interaction, Emma came up with a solution that would touch upon and hopefully help ease those issues: a dating game show with audience participation to maximize connection, entertainment, and interaction, both romantically and otherwise.

The very first episode of the show hit audience capacity immediately and since then the Facebook community surrounding the show has grown to over 1,000 people. The community has been a source of light for many in these dark times, enabling them to meet new people and make new friends at a time when that is virtually impossible.

After two fun virtual seasons broadcasting over Zoom, The Game Show of Love returns for Season 3 as a live event! Join us for the Season 3 premiere on Thursday, September 15th at The Crown and Crow to see who meets their match! Episodes will still be recorded and available on-demand for Patreon subscribers.

Supporting the show

While we are keeping the live episodes open to the public for a "suggested donation," access to the recordings of the episodes, the live dates and their recordings, and other exclusive content is reserved for paid subscribers. If you're enjoying the show, please consider supporting it by subscribing to our Patreon.

Want to support the show but don't want to commit to a monthly subscription? Just a one-time viewer because your friend was on an episode? Make a one time donation!

Meet the Team

Emma Mankey Hidem, creator and host

Emma Mankey Hidem is the creator and host of The Game Show of Love! She has been working in media production for her entire career. When she's not running a game show during a pandemic, she's producing videos, virtual reality content, and other interactive media for brands, nonprofits, and museums. She is also producing and directing her first feature length documentary, which is currently in post-production. The Game Show of Love was born as an idea from a conversation she had with a friend about "dating experiments" over video chat during a pandemic. A lover of board and card games, Emma immediately thought "dating game show." But she did not move forward with creating it at first - it wasn't until after hearing many friends complain about the lack of interpersonal interaction/connection, the general boredom, and the difficulties of dating during the pandemic, that Emma decided there might be enough interest to actually create a game show. From there, she did her research and came up with the show's format and the show premiered on April 15, 2020.

Jesse B. Rauch

Jesse loves bringing people together. He runs District Karaoke, a social, team-based karaoke league and is ecstatic to help create love with the Game Show of Love. To date, he's introduced at least six currently married couples. He is also turning a train into a bar. Jesse joined The Game Show of Love as a contestant on episode 2 and is now a trusted adviser helping to shape the show and map out the show's future.

Marika Wieliczko

Marika runs the polls, Q&A, and other interactive features of the live show! Marika also hosts the Post-Show Dish and is part of the advisory committee.

Kristen Wise

Kristen is a grants program coordinator. She’s passionate about helping others, good bourbon, Disney World, and offbeat clothing. After her stint as a contestant on GSOL, she saw the show as a unique opportunity to use modern tools to connect people in an old fashioned way. She continues to assist behind the scenes with conducting contestant interviews and providing feedback to shape the viewer and contestant experience.